the iPhone Fixer

& iPads too

Do you have unused iPhones or iPads just laying around?
Let me take them off your hands, I will pay fair prices for working or broken devices
Not ready to part with them, let me fix them for you!
Battery replacements from $30, LCD's from $70
Check Out why me

About The iPhone Fixer

I am turning a hobby into a small business located in Middletown, NJ. My family is growing and as a way of supplementing income I am using what has helped many a friend and collegues into a source of income.

I have been repairing cell phones and gadgets since Blackberry's were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering, but will only be tackling minor repairs, such as screen replacements, battery replacements, and some camera and ports repairs. (I will also outsource jobs that require board level repairs to a small network of trusted vendors)

Why Me?

I have a few options to help you.

1. Shop my store
2. Repair your iDevice
3. Buy your iDevice
4. Donate your iDevice to me
(I will either repair it to sell, or repair it and donate to someone less fortunate)

*** I can pick up and drop off too ***

I am currently sold out of all devices

Contact Me

I can pickup and drop off iDevices within the Middletown New Jersey area for a small fee.